Why change?
Are you not ok with how things are?


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photo: Sjoerd Derine

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In “Why change? Are you not ok with how things are?“ one thing is certain: there is no standstill and everything is constantly changing.

The performance collective Merle | Mischke | Klee together with the fashion designers and visual artists Guusje de Bruin and Sarah Kerbosch, transforms the theatre into a landscape made of huge panels of fabric. The audience sits on three sides and is invited at the beginning of the piece to relax in the warm orange and yellow tones of the soft world of fabrics. The material and with it the space is constantly changing. Hanging on ropes, the fabrics are pulled up, divide the space and act like connective tissue that connects the audience, the performers and the set design.

In this landscape motifs of movement arise that are reminiscent of evolution and metamorphosis. The dancers Coralie Merle and Mark Christoph Klee as well as the spoken word performer Jasiek Mischke make physically tangible what it means to be in constant transformation and to deal with ever new circumstances. They sound out the boundaries between adaptability and feeling overwhelmed; they contrast the urge for constant change with the longing for the familiar. They embody three characters who react very differently to changes in the performance. "Why change? Are you not ok with how things are?" allows the audience to reflect on their own reactional patterns and coping strategies when dealing with change.


Coralie Merle, Jasiek Mischke, Mark Christoph Klee

Stage design & costume

Guusje de Bruin & Sarah Kerbosch


Charlotte Mathiessen

Light design & technical management 

Manuel Melzer


Ashley Wright

Sjoerd Derine


Káschem Büro mit Nina Massow und Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt

educational activities 

The collective offers dance workshops and open rehearsals for adults and young people from 14 years of age on. In combination with a theatre visit these participatory activities allow especially a first time contemporary dance audience to get a deeper understanding of the performance.

"Why change?" is a production of Merle | Mischke | Klee GbR and was co-produced by the Pilkentafel Flensburg. Rehearsal residencies were made possible by Dampfzentrale Bern (CH) and TILT (NL). The project is funded by the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture Schleswig-Holstein and the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The creation of the set was made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Almost all fabrics used in "Why change?" are recycled or come from the discarded material of flag, sail or parachute manufacturers who support the project as sponsors: Intervlag, Veluwse Vlaggenindustrie, Hanse Sails, Humanoid, among others.

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