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Merle | Mischke | Klee is a performance collective based in Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein, DE). They are associated artists of Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel Flensburg (DE).


Coralie Merle (CH), Jasiek Mischke (NL/PL) and Mark Christoph Klee (DE) are friends for many years. What all of their works have in common is a sense of comradery. Their bond creates a safe space - made tangible for the audience - from which curiosity, lightness and humor stems. They work collectively since 2018 and focus on dance, spoken and written text as well as visual arts.


With each project they explore a digital or analog performance context or an artistic collaboration which is new to them. Amongst other formats they created long durational performances for exhibition spaces, a full-evening dance piece for the theatre stage, an Augmented Reality project and an interactive website. 

2018 - 2019

The collective consciously chose to base itself in the federal state Schleswig-Holstein (north of Germany) not only because Mark Christoph Klee grew up there, but mainly after realizing that interdisciplinary performance art is not widely spread and structures for dance are in development. As their first works were met with great interest from a broad public, the trio was. able  to create structures to realize projects continuously. 

2020 - 2021

In 2020 the collective received the FLAUSEN+ research scholarship and under the working title “KRASS” they explored transformation processes of all kinds. The impulses that were generated, kickstarted a series of 4 works between 2020 and 2021. Each one of them evoking a transformation of some sort and being placed in a different digital or analog performance context.


Jasiek Mischke (visual arts / spoken word)

Coralie Merle and Mark Christoph Klee met in 2012, both studying dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Two years later Klee encountered Jasiek Mischke, who was hosting a performance evening.


Björn Schmidt (graphic design)

Nina Massow & Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt 
Káschem Büro (graphic design / typography)

Patrick Will (media art)

Guusje de Bruin & Sarah Kerbosch

(fashion design / visual art)

Tonio Geugelin (violin / singing / beatboxing)

Liebermann Kiepe Reddemann (webdesign)

Charlotte Mathiessen (dramaturgy)

Manuel Melzer (light designer)

Ashley Wright (musician/ composer) 


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Merle | Mischke | Klee

is not a company or association. It is a collaboration between three freelancing artists. Mark Christoph Klee produces the work.

Mark Christoph Klee

Theodor-Rumpel-Weg 17, 22307 Hamburg, Germany

& Christianstraße 52, 24537 Neumünster, Germany

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