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Follow the dopamine (working title)
ADHD made tangible for neurotypical brains


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Follow the dopamine - ADHD made tangible for neurotypical brains“ has a lot of urgency for us, because Jasiek is living with ADHD. Within our collaborations we were hitting walls again and again when it comes to understanding each other or leveling each other's energies and it took a while to understand who is naturally good at what kind of task. Jasiek’s ADHD diagnosis happened late in life after a burnout. Through therapy and medication he learnt incredibly much about his neurodivergent brain. When the realization really arrived within all of us, that everyone’s brain is literally wired differently, that people are not just diverse in their heritage, gender, sexual orientation, etc. but in the very basic functionalities of their brain, we knew we wanted to make work about that. We want to talk about neurodiversity, masking behavior, figeting as a physical expression, the relation between queerness and neurodiversity and we want to attempt to make ADHD tangible through performative tools, especially to start a conversation with neurotypical brains. A lot of symptoms that ADHD brains experience are often, at least to some extend, relatable to anyone. For us, people living with ADHD could be considered experts in dealing with problems that our modern society is triggering in almost everyone: short attention span, overstimulation, procrastination vs. productivity.



06.08.     IMPULSTANZ Festival Vienna

10.09.     Regionale 6 Festival Lübeck

"Herbert” is a research project by Mark Christoph Klee. It is supported by the ATLAS scholarship of IMPULSTANZ Festival Vienna and the travel grant of Kulturstiftung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein.

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